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This week we say goodbye to BATWOMAN. After 4 years of love, devotion, highs and lows she is gone from our colored pages. FUTURES END is really the end of the story for the woman that stood against all odds to become the symbol the city needed in its time of turbulence.

10704895_888779577806955_549253496_nMarc Andreyko has sold away Batwoman’s soul and her life in FUTURES END. With the return of her long lost sister Alice, Batwoman in her vampiric form, is now hell bent on destroying those she loves. But in her madness and pursuit to destroy it is by her own bloods hand that she meets her maker. I cannot explain how devastatingly painful it was to read the character that had claimed me as a comic fan, die on the pages in front of me. Perhaps with a comprehensive story I could justify Andreyko’s actions, but no. The story was even more confusing than it had been since the annual and I couldn’t make sense of anything that any character had said or done.

10695190_888779484473631_136150632_nHer bravery had diminished, the light that came from her red symbol now crumbled to dust and the legacy she fought for was ruined in a few simple volumes. Once a symbol of hope not only woman but gay people also, DC has snuffed out that light and poorly trashed the once mighty character that was built. Vampires are a hobby of mine and this one was not even executed well. Everything about her being a creature of the night is beyond disgraceful and incorrect, it was just another example of the poor scripting that has been approved for the issue. Coupled with the disappointing artwork, the issue has only one positive factor, Alice.


10668273_888779591140287_1660594330_nThe only positive is Alice. With the highly anticipated announcement of her return, I was dying to see how she would look and everything about her is perfect. From her outfit to her hair, she is a true image of a woman transformed. I loved that she looked so much like Kate and even the attitude she displayed took me back to the rebels’ younger days. I hope I get to see more of her in the future but I didn’t think it would be at the price of her sisters’ life.




10695289_888780361140210_12471937_nEverything about this issue is a negative. Not only does the story jump from action to action, it does not string together any plot line in any sense. From inaccurate vampire traits to snippets of a past that doesn’t fit with her future and an ex that is now being tormented, the story really had nothing to do with Batwoman at all. Not only am I disappointed at Andreyko for writing this, I’m disappointed with DC allowing this to happen. Don’t create a character people fall in love with and pour their souls into just to have it ripped away so poorly like this. It was a cheap end to a superb story created years ago that inspired so much more to the 52 reboot. The award winning series was one of the few reboots praised highly until DC changed their minds. It was a shame they couldn’t see the horizon and the potential that could have been Batwoman but it seems to me they were too scared to let a strong female thrive with a happy life in the Bat world.


If you are a true BATWOMAN fan I urge you not to read the issue. It will have you flipping tables and screaming at tablets. I won’t give up on my red haired bat and what she stood for and neither should readers but I will say that the next issue won’t be our Kate anymore. Go back and read what made you fall in love with her in the first place and one day we might get her back but until then…. Solider on, just solider on.




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