More Batman Eternal Is Possible, Plus Batman: Arkham Knight Special Editions

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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More Batman Eternal is a actually a possibility! Plus Batman: Arkham Knight release date and details about special editions ahead.

Recently, Tim Seeley  was asked by DC Comics if he’d be interested in writing more Batman Eternal. Thanks to an interview done by Bleeding Cool we have some details about it.

Tim Seeley says when it comes to Batman Eternal he has been asked if he’d like to do more after the 2 month gap coming up next year when all the weekly books are supposed to stop, but he stresses “They’ve asked if I’d be interested in more Batman Eternal but I don’t know if that means it continues after the initial 52 issue run.  They only ASKED.”  He’s heard the rumor too that Batman Eternal may continue on, but “they haven’t told me yet! (Laughs) I may end up being one of the last to know!”

Batman Eternal is already a hit in the comic stands. While a weekly series is often a great risk because of the schedules and following a tight continuity week to week, DC Comics writer Tim Seeley has managed to succeed where most fail, also working alongside a series of talented artists each week to keep Batman Eternal the hit it is. The series has caught the eyes of readers because of the large main and guest cast it has while not losing focus of the grand story arc it tries to tell.

Batman: Arkham Knight standard edition

If news about Batman Eternal becoming literally eternal was not enough, Batman: Arkham Knight has a confirmed release date and special editions of the game are set to be released along with it. It is unknown if these special editions will be released after or on the same date of the standard edition.

The Limited Edition and the Batmobile Edition will be released in limited quantities in Northern America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Details about the limited edition read as follows:

Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight

Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc

Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book

Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52

Batman Memorial Statue – Imposing statue commemorating Gotham’s Protector, the Dark Knight

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The Batmobile edition comes with all the limited edition perks except the Batman Memorial Statue. It includes however a transforming Batmobile Statue:

Fully transformable Batmobile statue realised in exquisite detail by TriForce.

Batman: Arkham Knight has a June 2, 2015 release date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.  The game was originally scheduled for an October 14 release this year. While fans can argue with this changes, what is a fact is that when developers decide to take more time to finish a game, they do so with a reason. A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

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