Deathstroke May Return For ‘Arrow’ Season 3

by Al Basharu
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Arrow returns for its third season on October 8th, with word that Deathstroke may also be returning. With Sara Lance and Thea Queen coming back, it will be a no surprise to see Slade Wilson return.

Arrow producers promised season 3 will offer a villain worthy of taking on the mantle of big bad from Deathstroke. It was confirmed Ra’s Al Ghul will be the one. However news is circling from Manu Bennett, the actor playing Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke, in an interview with hinted of a season 3 return, saying:

“Realistically, when we talk about storyline, they threw me into a really interesting place, Purgatory. And you know, I’m left at the end, shaking the bars, going, ‘I keep my promises, kid.’ And I think I meant it. So I don’t think that they are just going to let that voice subside into the vast abyss.”




He goes on:

“But at this stage, I don’t know. They said at the end of the season last year, they said, ‘Look, we want you back. We want you back.’ But there’s been no indication yet of how they’ll go about that at any point in time, right now.”

What do you make of Deathstroke coming back for Arrow’s 3rd season?

What does it mean for the Suicide Squad? will he be part of the Squad and how does this fit with Ra’s Al Ghul set for season 3’s big bad?

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