DC Comics News Presents: The Watchtower

Welcome to The Watchtower, a new weekly article from DC Comics News. For those of you who don’t understand the name, let me explain. The Watchtower is the headquarters for the Justice League. It’s a cool little nod to the comic and Justice League cartoon from Bruce Timm.

This article is dedicated to our readers, DC Comics fans like you! We want your input and we want to know what your favorite comic series are? Who are your favorite characters? And so on.

Each and every Monday, we will ask a certain question and on the following Monday the best responses will be featured in that article. Each time you answer the question of the week use the hashtag, #DCNTower.

We want to use this to interact with you all and also to see what other DC Comics fans have to say. Let’s make this a fun community effort where we can geek out together.


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Our first question this week is: Who is your favorite member from the Justice League and why?

Remember to add the #DCNTower to your answer.