Anti-Superman Awareness

by Julian Bartlett
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batsupesNew BvS set photos showing an anti-Superman protest were recently published by Tim Reinman on his Twitter account. The pictures show what could be a big plot point in Dawn of Justice. The Blue Boy Scout might not be so high on everyone’s “hero meter.” This isn’t surprising considering how Supes demolished most of Metropolis with the battle against Zod in Man of Steel. With the end of Man of Steel resulting in Metropolis in ashes and Zod with a broken neck, could citizens actually be holding Superman accountable for his actions? It certainly seems so when you look closely at the stills. Two of the clearest things to pick out in the protest is a sign that reads, “Thanks for the ‘Help'” and a fire consuming what looks to be a Superman dummy. This sets the tone for the new movie with maybe an anti-Superman viewpoint. This would easily allow Lex Luthor’s character, played by Jesse Eisenberg, to fit right in. Who better to lead the crusade against the alien than the man who hates him the most?

There has been so much coming out in the past few weeks about Dawn of Justice. The new shots of possible Wayne Manor, the multiple pictures of the Batmobile, and the new Lois Lane pictures are just a few highlights. It really does make 2016 feel incredibly far away. For the next year and a half all we can rely on are more leaked pictures and more crazy rumors. If I get my birthday wish maybe even a leaked trailer.


Could this possibly lead into why Batman doesn’t feel so comfortable with Superman on Earth? Based on the leaked footage from Comic Con a Dark Knight Returns-type showdown seems likely. I wouldn’t object to an after-credit scene where fans get to see Batman crafting a Kryptonite weapon.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theatres March 25, 2016.

The only tickets in the next two years that I will buy in advance.

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