Batman v Superman: Ben Affleck Applauds Zack Snyder’s Visual Techniques

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck praises director Zack Snyder’s visual techniques.

Recently, we reported how Ben Affleck revealed the origin of the rivalry between the teams of Star Wars VII and Batman v Superman.

Now, during an interview with the Inquirer to promote Affleck’s latest film, the star revealed details from Gone Girl, his will to get back at directing, and of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


During an interview with the Inquirer, Photo by RUBEN V. NEPALES

This time, while Ben Affleck tried to talk more about Gone Girl, he let some details about Batman V Superman slip. However, instead of just promoting the film, he praised the directing skills of his fellow director Zack Snyder, stating he likes the stunning visuals created by Snyder.

Batman has a great script. It has a very talented director (Zack Snyder), a really strong, smart, robust and experienced studio behind it, so it’s very exciting.

Zack has more energy than anybody I know. He works as hard as anybody. He’s in the gym in the morning and storyboards every single shot, which is a huge amount of work. So everybody knows what’s going on. He’s got enormous visual talent. I stand there and he sets up shots. We do the blocking and…I see a shot from Zack and I think, I never would have thought of that.

He is so visually inventive so that’s quite pleasant. Action movies take a lot of days and involve a lot of stunts and visual effects—that combination and the story has its own challenges but I’m enjoying it.

Ben also expressed his willingness to return to the director chair. After Ben Affleck is done with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he will direct again and star in Live by Night, based on the novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane,

BatmanBen states  he likes to work with people he can learn from, it’s interesting to see how he has so much respect for other directors and how he is ready to learn from them. He also seems to have a very close friendship with Snyder, as he is the one that started the Batman v Superman rivalry with Star Wars VII by showing Snyder a photo sent by J.J. Abrams of Abrams himself wearing a Batman mask.

What I’ve learned from Zack in the movie are the cutting-edge visual effects—what we’re able to do now and how you integrate that into a story. He’s very gifted.

I’d like to direct movies that I think are interesting and I want to act only in movies with directors that I can learn from.

We already got a taste of Affleck’s directing skills with Oscar-winning Argo, and while the Batfleck criticism has not vanished, his work as a director has no shortage of talent. As I said earlier this year, let’s just wait and see. Affleck may very well be the Batman for this age.


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Source:, Inquirer

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