DC Comics News Presents: The Watchtower (Week 3)

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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Welcome to The Watchtower, a weekly article from DC Comics News. Each and every Monday, we will ask a certain question and on the following Monday the best responses will be featured in that article. Each time you answer the question of the week use the hashtag, #DCNTower.

Last week, we asked: Who would you want to see in their own DC Comics television show and why?

Here are some of the answers:


Deadman, Swamp Thing and Aquaman would make good T.V. shows” – Gonzo Gamez

“Static (Virgil Hawkins) This show would have so much you could throw in there, from his relationship with his father and throw in all the stuff kids deal with at school. I just think there is so much they could do since he is not the most well known hero. Could link this into the meta human event from The Flash to get the story going.” – Bill Hickox


“#DCNTower – definitely Nightwing/Dick Grayson. Really hoping the rumors about a Nightwing headed Titans series come to fruition.” – Timothy Van Bruggen

55_JohnStewart“I would want to see Green Lantern(John Stewart) in his own series in the Arrow-verse because he’s one of the most well-known Green Lanterns thanks to the Justice League series. Also, I think he’s one of the most interesting Green Lanterns since he once governed a planet (Mosaic World) and tried to keep most of the species in harmony. ‪#DCNTower” – Electro Belton

“Green Lantern and/or Hawkman/Hawkgirl Shayera Hol ‪#DCNTower” – Raymundo Rojas


“Animal Man because he had to balance being a superhero and a family man.” – Trinity Zook

Question“The Question. Great and unrealized potential there.” – John Di Meo

@DCComicsNews Batwoman or The Question #DCNTower— #Batman75 (@Illusive_Man_1) October 11, 2014





“#DCNTower Suicide Squad would make a great show. A darker story, a good variety of characters, and a twisted take on justice. #dccomicsnews“— Manny Martinez (@MMsicko) October 8, 2014

I would love to see a Suicide Squad or Green Lantern TV series. They would be interesting to watch.”


“I always see a big potential in Doom Patrol, a 60’s retro-show or an adaptation of the Tangent Universe would be awesome. #DCNTower” — DCU Movie Page (@dcumoviepage) October 6, 2014

Thank you DC Comics fans! Great answers as always!

Here is the new question for this week:

Who is your favorite comic book artist? Add a picture and #DCNTower

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