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stamfirstRecently Arrow star Stephen Amell sat down at NYCC to discuss the direction the show will be headed in season three. As we all know the flashback sequences are an integral part of the shows storytelling. This season the cut-scenes will focus on Oliver Queen after leaving the island but before returning home. Ollie is stuck in Hong Kong caught in the crosshairs of Amanda Waller. Tommy Merlyn will be coming back into the show as he will be seen in some of the Hong Kong flashbacks.

For me the hardest part of the season three premiere was the death of Sara Lance. Amell refers to this early on in the panel and had this to say, “no one is a bigger Caity Lotz fan than I am.” Sara will be making her presence felt in the new season though flashbacks. This is just speculation but I would say I’m almost 100% sure that Canary was murderer by Ra’s Al Ghul. This would explain why producer Marc Guggenheim mentioned Nyssa would be a part of the fallout from Sara’s death.

Speaking of Ra’s, during the Arrow panel Stephen Amell mentions a fight scene. He goes on to say the scene will beRas1 the longest fight that has been shot on the show to date. Amell also refers to the use of swords instead of bows and arrows. This must mean with Slade being stuck on the island the only other option would be a one-on-one with the Green Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul.

Arrow will be a constant build up of action until episode nine when the show takes its first break and it ends on a “literal cliffhanger,” says Amell. He discuss’ how Laurel Lance could be taking over as Black Canary and about an early meet up with Malcolm Merlyn. Quite possibly the best part is when he revealed the names of the Arrow/Flash crossover. Part one will be “Flash vs. The Arrow” and part two will be “The Brave and the Bold.”

With The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Constantine, and soon to be Supergirl Amell says, “It’s a Golden Age for comics on television.” He couldn’t be more right and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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