Review – Secret Origins #6

by Myke Havoc
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tumblr_nd1n7eyPvv1sfp6m8o1_500 This month’s Secret Origin #6 tells us 10 page tales on the early days of Wonder Woman, Deadman and Sinestro. We are shown what leads up to Diana leaving Paradise Island; Boston Brand’s childhood, rise to fame, death and semi-resurrection; and a startling revelation about the origin of Thaal Sinestro and how he first received his Green Lantern ring.



I read this solely for the Wonder Woman story, and it did not disappoint. The Azzarello/Chiang run has been nothing short of phenomenal, and this short but sweet story goes right back to Wonder Woman #0, one of my favorite issues they’ve done. If you enjoyed that silver age style throwback, then you’ll be as jazzed as I was to see a return to it. As far as I was concerned, the Deadman and Sinestro stories were just bonuses. The art was strong in all three sections.



I must say, writer Cullen Bunn took a fairly bold step with showing a rather sinister start to Sinestro’s ring-slinging career, one which I was not particularly fond of. I much prefer the character’s fall from grace to be more circumstantial. The longevity of his appeal has always come from the ability to understand his motivations, despite whether you agree with them or not. Here, we’re shown a rather despicable act right from the start, and that tends to rub me the wrong way. Inherently evil characters bore me. But perhaps I’m making too much out of it. Also, Deadman’s origin is a bit heavy on details. Obviously ten pages isn’t much to work with, but there was a lot to take in and almost felt too stuffed with specifics. These shorts seem to work best with stream-lined structures highlighting key bits.


For the Wonder Woman fans, Secret Origins #6 gives you an essential bit of the magnum opus that ends next week in Wonder Woman #35. You also get some art and story for two other great characters. Not a bad read at all.

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