Review- THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #25

by Gregg Hamm
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This week marks the final week of three amazing interlocking covers for Futures End. There have been many big reveals in the past two issues, and even this week has a few surprises. Fans of the multiverse and omnipotent cosmic entities, will definitely want to start checking out this series as it continues down its path towards it ultimate potential. While it may be to early to tell, this series is beginning to show that it has the potential to be one of DC’s biggest crossover events of all time.FUTEND-25-1-444a1


Artist Patrick Zircher is back, with what |I believe is his best issue yet. Throughout the issue you get a great sense of depth in every page, that’s accompanied with a high amount of detail. Highlights of this issues included the incredibly detailed fight sequences with the Brainiac drones, and also the intense and powerful nature of our newly rediscovered Superman.

I’ve often said that issues in this series have lacked significance, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Every story line is heading in interesting directions and the stakes have never been higher. I specifically love how the Firestorm story line is moving forward. Jason’s reaction feel natural and justified, while Ronnie continues on his quest for redemption. The biggest twist of the issue comes from the Stormwatch story line however. While I don’t want to spoil exactly what happens, I will say that this opens up a lot of doors for the future and it looks like this series has now restraints with what it can do.


The only complaint i have about this issue is that the Tim drake story line is beginning to seem repetitive. While I understand its natural for for Madison to hold a grudge, it seems ridiculous to have Tim continually apologize and continually get turned down. While this wasn’t a huge part of the issue, I found it took away the rest of the issue.


This is yet another issue in a string of great comics that have been put out by this series as of late. There’s a great balance between the action and the dialogue, that allows the reader to be fully engaged while also developing the plot. Adding in a few twists made this issue exceptionally good though one story line in particular broke up the pacing.



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