Gail Simone Expands Her Horizons

by Cynthia Ayala
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Gail Simone, one of DC’s fan favorite acclaimed writers, most famous for Secret Six and Batman, is teaming up with artist Jonathan Davis-Hunt for her very first ongoing series in the DC Imprint VERTIGO.

The series is titled ‘Clean Room’ and focuses on two characters Astrid Mueller and Chloe. The series is a mind altering psychological terror that focuses on using someone innermost secrets to torment a person. The character descriptions are as follows (provided by DC Comics Press Blog):

“Meet Astrid Mueller—A brilliant, charismatic speaker and the head of a new church that claims to be able to cure anyone’s deepest disorders through an expensive series of secretive therapy techniques.

Meet Chloe—A reporter whose photographer lover is brutally murdered while investigating a church that is run more like a high stakes PR firm. On the verge of suicide, Chloe finds the strength and determination to stay alive to find out the truth.”

Reportedly, the Clean Room is Astrid’s secret weapon that lies below the church Chloe is investigating. The series is also noted to take place in Chicago, IL.

Simone is really taking steps to make a frightening and captivating series that is sure make people think about their deepest secrets and what someone could do if they got a hand on them.  Series is set to release Spring 2015.

Check out the gallery below:


Source: DC Comics Press Blog

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