In my last article Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham I revealed the pre-order exclusives and game synopsis. If you haven’t already read it you can read here.

Lego Batman 3 has over 150 playable characters including characters from TV: Batman 1966, CW’s Arrow, Batman Beyond, Movies: The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and Batman’s first appearance in Detective #27 from 1939. There will also be a “Rainbow” DLC pack that comes with “Rainbow Batman” and Rainbow Raider” characters for Amazon UK orders and will be added for free for PlayStation 3 and 4 versions. Celebrickty© Conan O’Brien, Adam West, and Kevin Smith appear as playable characters, as well as Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Cyborg Superman
Mr. Freeze
Kevin Smith
Jim Lee
Geoff Johns
Batman "66"
Beast boy
Music Meister
Beast boy Gorilla

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, the list of playable characters. Click on your favorite characters to learn more about them and to see them as Mini-figs:


  • Batmobile (Land)
  • Batmobile 1966 (Land)
  • Batmobile 1989 (Land)
  • Double Decker Bus (Land)
  • Flashmobile (Land)
  • Joker’s Steam Roller (Land)
  • The Bat (Air)
  • Batrocket (Air)
  • Batwing (Air)
  • Javelin-7 (Air)
  • Whirly Bat (Air)
  • Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet (Air)


  1. Pursuers in the Sewers (Gotham Sewers)
  2. Breaking BATS!
  3. Space suits you, Sir!  (Batcave, The Watchtower)
  4. Space Station Infestation
  5. The Big Grapple
  6. The Lantern Menace
  7. Europe Against It (Shrunken Europe)
  8. Big Trouble in Little Gotham (Shrunken Gotham)
  9. Power of Love (Zamoran)
  10. A Blue Hope (Odym)
  11. Jailhouse Nok (Nok)
  12. All the Rage (Ysmault)
  13. Need for Greed (Okaara)
  14. Aw-Qward Situation (Qward)
  15. Breaking the Ice (The Fortress of Solitude)
  16. Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! (Bonus) (1966 Batcave, Gotham Streets. Diner)

DLC Characters:

DLC Vehicles:

  • Batmobile 1944 (75th Anniversary Pack)
  • Batpod (Dark Knight Rises Pack)
  • Jokermobile
  • The Tumbler (Dark Knight Rises Pack)
  • Kryptonian Black Zero Dropship (Man of Steel Pack)

DLC Levels

  • Dark Knight Level  (Dark Knight Rises Pack)  Gotham Streets
  • Man of Steel Level  (Man of Steel Pack) Krypton
  • Batman 75th Anniversary Level (75th Anniversary Pack)
  • Arrow Level (Arrow Pack) Lian Yu

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