Tommy Merlyn expected to return to Arrow

E! Entertainment’s Eonline spoke with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenhiem , where it was reported that we may be seeing more of Tommy Merlyn as episodes go along. Colin Donnell’s portrayal of Tommy Merlyn was received positively, though his character was killed off on Arrow’s first season, he was introduced in the pilot. His death was a pivotal moment for our hero in which Oliver Queen aka “The Hood” vowed not to kill again.




During the E! interview, Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Tommy Merlyn will be making another appearance on the show, though he already came as a hallucination and  flashback, this time will be different. He states –

We love Colin Donnell and we love having him on the show,” explained Guggenheim. “I was on set for his scene at the end of season one and the second we wrapped him, I said to him, ‘I’m so glad we do flashbacks on this show!’ So yes, you have not seen the last of Tommy Merlyn.

He goes on –

The next time you see Tommy Merlyn, you will see him again on the show but it won’t be the way you’re expecting.”

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Season 3 of Arrow continues every Wednesday on The CW.


Source – E! Online