‘Amazo Virus’ Unleashed in Justice League

Cover for Justice League #36, the start of the arc

This week, the Amazo Virus is unleashed in Geoff Johns’ Justice League.

Lex Luthor’s sins from the past come to bite him in the present. Everything seemed so fine for our favorite super-villain turned hero (temporarily of course). This week a new story kicks off with a new artist: Jason Fabok.

If Lex Luthor had evil plans during his tenure with the Justice League, those will have to wait, as he is going to need the Justice League on this one, believe me guys.

Johns stated: “It’s really hard to find someone who can do a book like Justice League because you have to be good at drawing everybody; Wonder Woman, Batman, the villains, an empty Metropolis,” says Johns.

“I want to give something to the fans where they’re really going to want to dig into the background and look at all the detail in there.” said Fabok.

I do not know about you guys, but Fabok’s art seems awesome and he indeed puts a lot of work in the background, brings an eerie atmosphere to the book, perfect for the storyline Johns is trying to pull here. The devil is in the details, right?

Placing the word finest back where it should be.

The story arcs explores the idea of a pathogen in the world of our beloved heroes, a virus that evolves in a manner none of them expects, and goes deep into the idea of how powerless we are in the face of a treat we know nothing about.

Johns further teases other details about the story and how it will impact each member of the cast: “Really, it was about the Justice League being unprepared to fight a villain they can’t talk to or face or be rational with. There’s nothing to do — this is what a virus does and it mutates and grows throughout the arc, and we see how dangerous something like this could be.

“If a man can fly and is invulnerable, if that’s scary, what does a virus that can’t be stopped going to do?”

The Justice League will have to rely on Luthor to help stop this mess, not to mention the way the Man of Steel’s longtime foe has already galvanized the group with his presence.

“Every member has a different viewpoint of Luthor,” Johns says. “Someone like Shazam doesn’t have the experience — he’s like, ‘What’s the big deal?’ He is somewhat naïve and not entirely informed, while Superman every step of the way is questioning it.”

The Baz-Mat suit

certainly did not see this one coming. When the Amazo Virus was accidentally unleashed back in Justice League #35, we did not know the ramifications of it. Luthor did and the damage the virus is set to do will certainly put his public image at peril. Which is something Batman wanted all along, albeit not in this manner. Also, do not miss the debut of the Baz-Mat suit – no pun intended.

According to Johns we will be seeing an entirely different Luthor, one that is going to surprise us. A Luthor taking responsibility for his actions, still egocentric megalomaniac, but trying to fight the good fight.


Is Luthor going to come as a hero when the dust settles or is this where Lex gets off the Justice League bus?

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Source: USA Today


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