S. H. Figurarts previews a stunning Harley Quinn

by Cynthia Ayala
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Harley Quinn’s popularity just keeps on growing and growing. Paul Dini created the perfect clown queen for Mr. J.

Bandai has made a pre-order page of S. H. Figurarts version of Harley Quinn. This version of Harley Quinn is based on one of her many costumes featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The action figure comes equipped with a dual set of revolvers, her trademark massive mallet, extra pair of hands for various poses, a Joker card (because she needs to show off her love for Mr. J) and three interchangeable faces.

This figurine is equipped with excellent detail that goes into her design. For example, her spiked boots feature the same combo of broken spurs that are featured in the game alongside her knives in all the right places.

Harley Quinn is priced at 6,264 (~$50 USD) and is set to debut sometime in May 2015. So, when can us folks in America make an order?


Source: Arcade Sushi

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