Arrow’s Stephen Amell Looks Forward to a Gotham Crossover

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Stephen Amell would like to please fans with a crossover between fellow DC Comics-related shows like Gotham or Constantine.


Green Arrow (New 52)

The star of CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell recently participated in an epic two-nights event crossover between Arrow and The Flash. Despite the non-stop laughs and action during such event, the actor is hungry and up for more crossovers, this time referring to crossing paths with shows like Gotham or Constantine.

I know the logistics are challenging and the politics are above my pay grade, but in the interest of putting the best product forth for the fans, I don’t think we should limit ourselves to Flash and Arrow crossing over because we’re both on the CW. If you’re owned by Warner Bros., or if you’re just in the DC Universe, everything should be in play.

Logistics indeed are a barrier blocking great ideas, storywise speaking. Even though Constantine and Gotham are shows based on DC Comics properties, the main networks that air them are not linked. Fox airing Gotham and NBC airing Constantine proves to be an obstacle for a potential crossover with Flash, Arrow or the upcoming Supergirl television series as the three last are managed by CW.



Arrow doing a crossover with Constantine is more possible than with Gotham, because the ages of Arrow’s and Gotham’s titular heroes do not match, unless the current version of young Bruce is set to receive training from Oliver Queen, which I doubt.

However we as fans should have our fingers crossed and hope for the best, everything is possible when minds are focused on the task at hand…entertainment.


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