Review-THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #31

by Gregg Hamm
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As the cover indicates, this weeks issue of Futures End deals heavily with the ramifications of what happened last week. For the second time in the series readers get to mourn the lose of a hero, while their replacement slowly begins to adjust to their new found abilities. We also get to check back in with Constantine and Superman, both whom have been absent from the book for quite sometime.  While there aren’t a lot of shockers to be found in this issue, there certainly is enough to keep you interested. The New 52 - Futures End 031-002


The character interactions in this issue were spot on here. Specifically between Jason, and Madison as they adjust to their new… uhhh… lets say, working relationship. The banter between to two is humorous but also very grounded. By that I mean it addresses many major issues you would immediately think off when having a man trapped inside of a woman’s mind. Writers were able to discretely get their point across with out being too direct, which in turn added to the humor of the situation. Another interaction that was nice to see was between Buddy Baker and the not-so-dead Oliver Queen. For those of you reading Justice League United right now, its obvious that these moments are being heavily influenced if not completely written by Jeff Lemire. The dynamic between the too is reminiscent of the relationship we see in Justice League United, but also more matured. It’s nice to see continuity like this between New 52 titles; even if they take place in completely different times.

I don’t always comment on the art in in each individual issue but here  artists, Jesus Merino and Dan Green do a spectacular job. All the characters seem vibrant and detailed in every scene, without exception. every characters face is drawn in a way that perfectly exudes their emotions at the time, which adds to the overall tone of each scene. Also the colours in this issue by HI-FI are also well done. Specifically the scene between Superman and Constantine was extremely vibrant, which added to the action of the scene.The New 52 - Futures End 031-007


Not much to complain about here. Not a whole lot happened in this issue but many of the major ramifications from last week were touched upon. Overall it was slow, but necessary issue that serves a larger purpose to the overall story.


Overall this a was a good issue but not a great one. There was some action, but maybe not enough to keep every reader’s attention. The dialogue and art were on point this week as well, and helped move the story along, albeit in a calmer fashion. Fans of the series will definitely not be disappointed by this one though they wont be as excited as they were last week either.



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