by Kate Kane
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The conclusion to the three part Sensation Comics is this week’s issue as Wonder Woman battles to save her Amazon sisters. The unlikely events of their mysterious mission are revealed as Wonder Woman’s honour is put to the test.

2Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman finish up their 3 issue series this week. The story slightly slowed down which I didn’t expect for the ending to one of the longer arcs for this series. Though Wonder Woman stayed true to her values and her strength came through in the emotion scripting these writers gave her. The message of her honour was extremely strong and showed that no matter what situation she is placed in, Wonder Woman will always help whenever she can.

4Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd continue the artwork for this last issue making the panels even grittier and darker than before. Unfortunately as this story has gone along the artwork has blended into monochrome pages with huge panels and splashes. It took away some of the beauty that was seen in the beginning of the story but at least it was consistent. The artwork themes matched the apocalyptic worlds plot very well and situated the Darkseid manner.


3I always love Wonder Woman’s strength and that fact that she argued with her sisters proved that her courage remained strong, it sends a positive message that sometimes good people do not always have the right opinion. I’m glad to see that Wonder Woman took up the task and fixed the situation even risking her life to save that plant despite her mother’s original orders. Strong woman in strong comics is definitely an A+ in my book.


5It would have been nice to have some definition between colors for this issue. Every the reds were dulled down and blended into the heavy yellow and black saturated pages. It felt like the care had somehow slipped and details became messy blobs that were only evident in the large full panel pages. Also the ending really bugged me having had so much tension build it lacked the potency that had flowed through the entire story with a rushed return of Wonder Woman to her world.


Another adventure has come to an end as Sensations Comics continues on. Travelling to other worlds is all part and parcel of being a Superhero and I hope to see Wonder Woman stepping beyond her world once again to save the day.




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