Review: Justice League #37

by Max Eber
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Everything’s rather contagious in Justice League #37 by Geoff Johns, art by Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson on color and Carlos M. Mangual on lettering. 2014-12-17 02-28-09 - Justice League (2011-) 037-002

This book is not quite how I like my Justice League, but it’s not bad either. Bold solid “traditional” art, a degree of ambigiuity admist a pretty basic superman viral story makes this a bit more elevated than it could have been. I’ve read and remember much worse iterations of this story. But basically the Trinity, Lex Luther and Captain Cold are all who are left after a superhuman virus leaks out of Lex’s “stuff’ during an attempted assassination. Superman and a suited up Batman have found Patient Zero to extract blood for a cure. I still question Billy Batson (while he’s Shazam) susceptibility to these kind of things (ie he shouldn’t be and thus should have been used but lol Trinity) but that’s where we are.



The art is what makes this narrative work, because without it this entire arc would just be good but not great. It’s not the most graphic of art, I like my art very very stylized but it’s readable and has good weight.  Fabok draws a fun Diana. She looks tall, she looks solid, and she looks strong and she’s not too…Escher Girl.

2014-12-17 02-28-09 - Justice League (2011-) 037-010

There’s something there that makes this better than the average; I’m not sure exactly what, but perhaps its the ambiguity as to why Lex created the Amazo virus (probably something to do with Superman) and who is The Bullet, the assassin and the benefactor that hired them to kill Lex Luthor. Perhaps it’s the weighty art. But it certainly makes it better than what it could be. I also love Diana in pteruges.


Whoops, Bruce’s face mask gets broken. Will Batman die? Psh. No. Like it’s exciting to see him overcome it I’m sure but it just gets tiring seeing Batman always in these situations. I really do have a beef with Billy not being used here, I’m pretty sure in Shazam form he’d be immune to this stuff like Diana. At least preboot he would have been. I really hope Lex’s reason behind the Amazo virus is not too stereotypically hand wringing “I’m gonna kill Superman!” it would make all of this pretty cheap.

2014-12-17 02-28-09 - Justice League (2011-) 037-004


Gritty with house color palette (which I could take or leave) but with slightly over-average art makes this Justice League romp a continued narrative that’s at the least intriguing and actually gives Diana something to do too in the midst of Superman and Batman’s continued sausage-fest (I do like the humor here between them, despite the tone there are quite a few funny quips to keep you entertained).


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