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This week’s Sensation Comics throws us into the heat of an unsettling war. We follow the life of a young woman named Angel and her amazing encounter with the heroic Wonder Woman on the battle field.

7I cannot express how beautiful Amy Chu has written this week’s issue. It’s something you have to read to experience as I was moved to tears by the commanding force that her words displayed in each panel. With the recent terror scare in Sydney, this week’s issue hit home as it showed the events of the military in one of the world’s most dangerous countries. I was so proud to see what a positive message the story had for females in the military and even though Wonder Woman’s appearance was small, the impact was huge. Her words and actions combined with Angels heroism is something that every woman should strive to have in their lives. These troops are soldiers that put their lives on the line every day and although they can’t dodge bullets, they try giving more than 100 percent every time.

4Bernard Chang and Wendy Broome have done an amazing job with the artwork for the issue and I think every solider fighting in the war should get this issue for free sent over to them. It’s an amazing tribute to the daily lives of these men and woman on the front line. With huge colours, spectacular details and a unique design, I loved everything about the panels. They had small cubes balanced in large splash pages and just the way the pages flowed is a credit to their work.


5My god the power of women working with women just made me so proud to read this issue. Wonder Woman’s words stir up exactly the feelings of hope that both female troops and women in general need each and every day. It was incredibly positive and even the troops with Angel were kind, caring and loyal. It paints an amazing picture for a harsh reality not shying away from the truth but telling the story with the most respect. Everything about this issue was just so well done and I’m so glad that they showed Wonder Woman once again helping more than she can as she stayed behind to take care of the disaster.


6I can’t really say there was a negative to this issue. It was so well done and if everyone had this much courage and respect for each other we would all be Wonder Woman.


A truly emotional Sensations Comics as Diana’s adventures to help her fellow man continues. She brings so much faith and hope to people of all ages, races, genders and religions as her message to help rings true. So stay tuned to see where the Amazon goes next who she is to encounter on her travels.




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