Damian Wayne returns in Batman & Robin #38

by Al Basharu
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Spoiler Alert – Damian is back!

Damian Wayne is back from the death, but this time with superpowers. In latest issue of Batman & Robin, writer, Peter J. Tomasi brought back the boy wonder and son of Bruce Wayne. Famed artist Andy Kubert, artist of Robin Rises: Alpha said, speaking on Damian’s return:

“Basically it’s a non-stop action issue. Even on the humanistic moments, it hits all points,” says artist Andy Kubert, who has creator credit for Damian Wayne with Grant Morrison.

Since Damian Wayne’s death at the hands of The Heretic in the issue 8 of Batman Incorporated, fans speculated Robin’s return will be at the hands of his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul, who at occasions used a way to defy death and old age by bathing in the Lazarus pit. With much surprise, Peter J. Tomasi threw a curve ball in Damian Wayne’s return, with the involvement with the New Gods and Darkseid.

To find out more on Damian Wayne’s return, make sure to check out the latest issue of Batman and Robin, and check out Robin Rises: Alpha at your closest comic book store.


Damian Wayne and his dad reunite in the pages of "Robin


Source – USA Today

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