DC Comics: The Secret Origin Documentary

by Al Basharu
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A documentary narrated by Ryan Reynolds features a rather telling history of DC Comics, featuring all key contributors in the growth of DC Comics, all starting from the beginning, 75 years ago. Though Marvel is the talk of the town now, thanks to Marvel Studios releasing great films and television, DC Comics has always been an extraordinary contributor to popular culture and to the adaptive nature of comics.

In the documentary, it traces back to the creation of the world’s greatest superheroes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and the pulp-classic Watchmen. It is well worth the watch as it discusses the parallels drawn between the heroes’ nature and culture which shaped them at their times, with the 30s portraying an all-powerful good guy to the 80s depicting the Nixon era.


Feel free to check out the DC Comics Secret Origin as a Pay to watch option, Amazon link below.


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