Jim Carrey wants Another Shot in the DC Universe

by Julian Bartlett

We all know Joel Schumachers contribution to Batman was never really that well received. Being born in the late 80’s I was pretty young when they first came out. As a kid I thought they were great and would definitely stand the test of time. I was sadly proven wrong as I matured. I will always have a special place in my heart for those Batman movies that are never spoken of unless as a joke. And if I’m really being honest with myself, I didn’t think Val Kilmer was that bad.


Quite possibly the most well liked portion of Batman Forever was the wacky take on two classic Batman rogues, The Riddler and Two-Face. Jim Carrey did his version of The Riddler for the movie and it was a good enough performance. If Nigma was an idiot. The Riddler was portrayed as though Ace Ventura himself decided to fight Gotham Cities Dark Knight. Now as I’ve gotten a little older and Carrey has developed in his career I can see Carrey delivering a completely different performance. If he were to be given a second chance at Riddler, could he deliver? I think so. With films under his belt such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Number 23 I think he would bring a whole different approach to Edward Nigma. Instead of over the top, loud, and jokey maybe Carrey would bring Clever, Witty, and Insane to the table.


In a recent interview promoting Dumb and Dumber Too, Carrey expressed his interest in coming back to the DCU to reprise his role. “I’d love to work in the new graphic novel versions of the movie,” Carrey told MTV. “I don’t know about reprising the role — I don’t think Chris Nolan would go for that, but I’d love to work with him.” If Carrey were to come back to the DC Universe should he come back as The Riddler? If not, who would you like to see him play? Maybe shave his head and make him Zsasz or give him some burlap and he can be the new Scarecrow. Either way I am 100% behind bringing Jim Carrey back to DC.

Check out a clip from the interview right here:


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