This year DC has announced quite a few different new and amazing things. “End Game” has started and soon the DC Universe will rule the television air-waves. With so many big things happening, how could one possibly pick out the top-tier events. I’ll go ahead and do my best to bring you DC’s top five of 2014.


1.) SDCC hypes BvS: Dawn of Justice

At San Diego Comic-con this year the fans got more than just a little taste of what is to come. Maybe the biggest reveal was the long anticipated new Wonder Woman costume. When Gal Gadot was finally shown of as the Amazonion Princess people were ecstatic but of course, everybody always wants more. Soon fans would be pleasantly surprised. The lights go out and people go nuts. A bright screen comes on and proceeds to show a teaser for Dawn of Justice which I’m sure you’ve seen/heard about by now. I have to say it was epic and it certainly left me excited and wanting more.


2.) DC Television Onslaught

After the success of Arrow it is no surprise that DC was ready to take full advantage. After The Flash premiered and crushed the ratings the people at DC knew that they were on to something. It’s been announced that several knew DC projects will be coming to the small screen in the near future. Krypton, Supergirl, and Teen Titans are all shows that are set to come out down the road. as for this year Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham have all done their job and kept a good fan base to keep the shows going. The Flash was hands down the best super hero show of the year. While Gotham and Constantine have both taken a lot of criticism, I’m sure all the shows mentioned will be back for another season.


3.) Convergence

Coming up in April DC will launch its new event entitled Convergence. This highly anticipated story arc is said to be bringing in elements from the pre New 52 era. It was confirmed that Brainiac and new to DC villain Telos will be bringing the New 52 characters and their pre-52 counterparts together for a grand “experiment.” Former Superman writers Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobdell are both attached to the project. I know as soon as Convergence was confirmed I was immediately at my local comic store putting that on my pull-list.


4.) DC Movie Slate

DC recently announced the direction they would be taking cinematically after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even more exciting they revealed their schedule up until 2020. Many rumored films were confirmed and a few surprises were sprinkled in as well. Suicide Squad and Aquaman rumors were confirmed with much delight and a two-part Justice League movie got DC fans everywhere exhilarated.

5.) The Multiversity

Grant Morrison’s masterpiece The Multiversity has been an overwhelming success. Each Month has brought a new story and a new Earth. It has been by far my favorite read over the past couple of months. The story telling has been unique and this is really Morrison doing what he does best. Taking a bunch of crazy characters, throwing them into a crazy situation, and letting the characters involved come up with a way out.

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