Batman Creative Team: From Capullo, to Miki, to FCO

Batman #31 cover, pencils by Capullo, inks by Miki and colors by FCO

Take a look into the creative process followed by the minds behind the art in the New 52 Batman flagship title: Batman (Volume 3).

We know the man behind the script: Scott Snyder. Snyder has been writing both Batman and The Swamp Thing for DC Comics since the New 52 relaunch.

This time we take a look into the creative process followed by those masterminds that materialize Snyder’s words in paper. Greg Capullo, Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia, taking care of the penciling, inking and digital coloring respectively.

Thanks to Imgur contributor mrfun2, below we have a glimpse into the schematics of such great artists and how those awesome Batman issues come to be, including epic scenes from storylines such as Zero Year and Endgame, both definitive stories in the current and overall Batman mythos:

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Do you like the process behind these epics? Could one person take care of all this work, or do you think teamwork is always better when we talk about bringing such a comic book to life? Is Capullo, Miki and FCO the kind of creative team you want behind your favorite comic books?

I would definitely love to see them working on Superman, The Walking Dead or even in an Avengers book. But that is just me. And remember to come back to DC Comics News – Beyond the Panel when we get inside another of DC’s epics!

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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

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