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Like everyone else I have been missing The Flash these past couple of weeks. Every Tuesday a reminder goes off  about how I cannot watch a new episode of The Flash this week. January 20th still seems a like too long to wait. “Revenge of the Rogues” will be episode 10 of The Flash’s freshman season and after “The Man in the Yellow Suit” I don’t know what to expect. Captain Cold and Heatwave will finally be teaming up to take on the Scarlett Speedster. Soon Mark Hamill will be returning to his role as Trickster. If CW and The Flash’s writing/producing team can pull off assembling the Rogues in the right way, the show has the potential to be one of the biggest super hero hits in recent times. Not only on the small screen, the show has the running room to top even big blockbusters. Leading up to the January premier CW will re-air The Flash and Arrow crossover on the 13th.

The logo seen in the opening minutes of the show is an iconic symbol in The Flash comic books. Even in the comics The Flash logo appears after the classic “I am Barry Allen…” speech. How did the team at CW decide on that final logo? It is a big decision that will be branded with the show for the entirety of the first season. If it doesn’t look good fans could very easily lose interest based on something that miniscule.

When CW eventually decided on a 2D version of the logo they wanted to add a little flash and flair. They contacted professional and well-known graphic designer Tom Schillinger to help out. Schillinger’s work can been seen in such films as X-Men: First Class, X2: X-Men United, King Kong, and Daredevil. During day one, Schillinger made around 19 different variations on the logo. You can check out most of his beautiful designs below.

So what do you guys think? Did they make the right choice or do you prefer one from above?

The Flash returns January 20th, Don’t miss it.

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