Review – Secret Origins #8

by Renee Montoya
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For Secret Origins I will be reviewing each story rather than the overall book.


Cover Art: Lee Bermejo, Bryan Hitch



grayson 000

Writers: Tim Seeley

Artist: Stephen Mooney

Colourist: Jeromy Cox


We are told of Richard “Dick” Grayson’s history by Helena as she offers him up as a candidate for Spyral as Agent #37.

 grayson 002


The telling of the story that goes from circus performer to robin as a side kick of batman, leader of teen titans, to Nightwing and then to becoming an Agent of Spyral is very clean, to the point and  very easy to follow. The key moments in his life without clutter of a character that has been around since 1940 is not an easy task.

grayson 001


The art was just not very appealing. While clean and clear it was just dull, a trend in a lot of comics lately.

grayson 003

Final Thought

I found I was nit-picking Helena more than reading as almost all of the fans of batman I know, understands the basic history of Grayson.

The art really didn’t have me engaged either. I did love one panel with the art of Grayson in his Robin costume. The face was stunning and the way the outfit sat and the pose was very dramatic and that would make a great poster of just that one character on a blank white would be phenomenal on a wall and I am not a big Grayson fan but I would even buy that.

I wouldn’t rush out to buy Grayson but it let me know what happened to end Nightwing.


Animal Man

am 000

Writer: Jeff Lemire, Duffy Boudreau

Art: Travel Foreman

Colourist: Lovern Kindzierski


Animal Man’s history is told to us like a bedtime story as elders watching over a nest of eggs tells of the most important Avatar of The Red, Buddy Baker, and of his family including his successor, his daughter, nicknamed “Little Wing”.

am 001


The telling was of Animal Man was quick and to the point, giving us a nice sample of his history and his motivations while not cluttering the pages with an overdose of information.

am 002


The art was very messy looking.

am 003

Final Thought

While I found it easy to read I spent the whole time wondering what exactly are The Red and the Green. As someone who has never read Animal Man I found it hard to understand what this balance was as it only mentioned 3 elements and Animal Man is not as well-known as the Lantern Corps, who even not having read much of I still know there is a group per colour of the rainbow and it allows us to have a better idea of things.

I wouldn’t mind reading more of this story but I don’t feel a rushing need for Answers.



 k 000

Writer: Ann Nocenti

Artist: Roger Robinson

Colourist: Matt Yackey


We travel through a desert with Katana, dragging a girl who has been possessed to the tracks of a ghost train. As the travel she tells just a taste of how she started her journey as the warrior we all love.

k 001


This was well written, giving us a quick story of some of Katana’s motivations while not giving everything away. The art was beautifully clean, well coloured and very easy on the eyes.

.k 003


Nothing negative about this issue.

k 002Final Thought

This one actually had me wanting more, with my partner rolling their eyes as I tell them to add it to the shopping list next week.  This story was the one thing saving this issue of Secret  Origins from being in the “don’t bother” pile.

I hope Mona Shards is in the regular series also.




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