Amazing Batman Wooden Statue

by Al Basharu
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Professional wood sculptor Thomas Earing unveiled a wooden carving in tribute to the Dark Knight, as pictured below. While wooden statues of Batman have been made in the past, this is by far the largest. However, wooden sculptures of Batman are rare enough that they warrant us writing about them!


Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 8.15.18 AM


Thomas Earing, a crafter based in Seattle, Washington, created the wonderful piece from lush forest woods. His tool was a chainsaw that took about 30 hours of labour. According to local papers, he also carved, sanded, chiseled and oiled the work that became such a hit for fellow Batman fans.

The piece is on sale for an undisclosed amount on his website, please feel free to see his other work.


(Source – Reevolving The Chizel via


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