Gods intervene as Injustice throws out another massive brawl between the teams of Superman and Batman. With Trigon on the loose, Batman leaves Superman to the demon’s mercy as he uses the distraction to escape with his team to safety.

2I can’t believe how good this script is getting as Brain Buccellato plunges us into another episode of chaos and yay Montoya got some lines! I’m glad to see that Buccellato is writing more of the other character’s lines in with this issue as Harley and the other Bat team members get a few choice words in between the action. The pop culture references are what make this issue, blending so seamlessly into the battle that’s going on around the characters. I think everyone has to appreciate both Constantine and Harley’s antics perfectly opposing the brooding Bat family and associate heroes that have joined the troop. And all the shirt pulling moments were just pure classic.

10951100_818944531512738_47214550_nJuan Albarran, Bruno Redondo and Rex Lokus have just given us such beauty against the pages. I don’t know how these guys make these characters look so stunning each week but they certainly scream superhero to me. The massive packages of color explode out from the fiery Trigon only to bounce across the charged up Super Suits that are coated in every colour combination. I’m also so glad to see Redondo taking such care with the ladies of the issue. Most of the time the women are drawn a little too harshly in their suits but he has absolutely nailed their beauty and strength which is going to really make fans happy.


10957560_818944564846068_689318949_nWith so much goodness in these pages I had to love the story the most this week. Harley’s hilarious reference to the movie Legend was a killer cracking joke that everyone will get. It really encapsulated just what’s important to Harley’s mind in the middle of a battle. I also love when the rest of the team has an input into the issue. As much as Batman and Superman dominate, I really had missed the other characters like Montoya, Shazam and Harley. I think when you have such a huge cast of characters it’s really important to remember to give everyone a turn.


5I wanted more fight! Where was this epic battle between the teams? Constantine cheated and as much as I wanted to see the heavyweights duke it out Batman’s team snuck away. I felt it was a bit cheap but I guess there is still more story to tell before the end. Also poor Ares copped it so quickly what the hell happened there? He’s the God of War and he’s dead in one hand swipe? Somehow that just didn’t sit right with me at all and I really hope that problem is either fixed or explained in issues to come.


Injustice twists us on our heads again with the appearance of yet another bizarre character in the line-up. With the tables being flipped and then flipped again what side will land up on or better yet who will be on top of it all. Stay tuned for the next issue to see who our new mystery guest is and why he’s so fixated on Superman.




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