Review- CATWOMAN #38

by Kate Kane
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Catwoman is getting her job done undercover still as she struggles to keep a straight face. With encounters of good and bad Selina finds herself on yet another side of the fence.

7Genevieve Valentine moves Selina into really strange territory as the not usually detective based character continues her mission undercover. I’m not sure about this role for Selina as it feels nothing like Catwoman in any shape or form. It was a harsh change to her traditionally playful demeanour and casts a shaded light on her mission. I really didn’t think the mopey and gloomy dialogue really did her justice. I would have loved to have seen some cheek and tongue that once came from a notorious villain. Somehow Catwoman has lost the spark that I always looked for in the DC woman dominated issues, villain or hero.

3Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge match the dark under toned dialogue with their sketchy artwork and colors. Mostly earthy hues and rough outlines, these artists capture the grit of Gotham’s seedy underbelly onto the pages. Though the style is interesting, it doesn’t leave lot of room for high detail and I find that both bodies and faces tend to blend into giant black inked blobs.


4I actually enjoyed the few pages of Selina and Batman together. They always seem to be forever doing the dance of seduction, moving back and forth into each other’s circles. It was a nice power play that captured the essence of their characters really well and reminded me of why these two will always be the original Bat couple.


5Unfortunately the story has really come down in par since the beginning of this series. It’s slow, chunky and stagnated with a lot of whining from Selinas part. It seems that this path isn’t suited to the ex-villain at all and leaves nothing to the imagination or the former status of Catwoman. If you removed her name and the front cover from this issue, I would not have known that you were talking about Catwoman at all.


Catwoman fights against those she knows and trusts to get the job down but the price for being undercover is costing her far more than she expected. Who will betray her next as she now moves on in her plan alone.




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