The Flash: What’s Next After The Fallout and Grodd is Coming?

CW has released an all-new clip from next week’s episode of The Flash, ”The Fallout”.

On their Facebook page, The Flash and CW released an all-new clip from ”The Fallout”, the upcoming episode of The Flash, which is also the second part of this past Tuesday’s story dealing with Ronnie and Dr. Stein imminent separation from the Firestorm persona. The attempted separation caused a nuclear explosion of epic visual proportions on this week’s The Nuclear Man. Spoiler Alert! It appears it worked after all.

The Flash is not shy to showcase villains from the comics that other shows may think are too ridicule to show on television. We are referring to Grodd, according to the clip, he is coming!

It was time already, those cliffhangers showing clues and bits about him made me bite my nails.


Quote of the Day

Thank Grodd!

-DCN writer after realizing Grodd will indeed appear on The Flash.


The Flash is back this next Tuesday at 8/7 C on the CW.


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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

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