Review – Aquaman and the Others #10

by Renee Montoya
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Writers: Dan Jurgens

Pencils: Lan Medina

Ink: Allen Martinez

Colourist: Matt Milla

Cover Art: Sula Moon, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis


Aquaman and his team have 10 minutes to stop a deadly launch by Cheshire and her possé. Will they make it in time? Can they save their friend whose body has been taken by another? Will Mera and Ya’Wara work together?

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This was nice and quick, fast paced and not dialogue heavy. Even in the flash backs there wasn’t an over saturation of text making it easy to read and not detracting from the main story.

The art is well and that cover art is just beautiful. One of the best covers in quite a while, the colour is bright, striking and eye-catching. The image of Aquaman and Cheshire in combat is beautifully drawn and not over cluttered making it very appealing.

a 001


A few panels dropped their details in the outfits, like Mera’s suit losing all its scales; however this is nit-picking.

a 003

Final Thought

This was a nicely done issue. For a few pages I was worried that we would get 2 panels with Aquaman only and given he is the lead of the series I would expect more, and this time more is what we got. I liked seeing how Mera was with Ya’Wara  despite their issues being that both women have relationships with Arthur, but are mature enough adults to know there is a time and place for dealing with that. It’s show a lot of respect to the readers that they would be written like this and to the characters also. Nothing worse than seeing a really good character suddenly dropped down in level to create some “story drama”, especially as its done so frequently to female characters in the recent past.

I would also like to know what is with  domestic violence images we have gotten in several issues over the past few months. It feels like DC is really pushing that down the readers’ throats lately.

Again my only complaint was the 5 pages of the same preview of a new series that is in EVERY issue for the past few weeks taking up pages I would prefer more story.



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