Review – Secret Six #2

by Renee Montoya
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Writers: Gail Simone

Pencils:  Ken Lashley

Ink: Ken Lashley

Colourist: Jason Wright

Cover Art: Dale Eaglesham, Jason Wright

ss 002

Six people (7 if you count the puppet) are trapped in a box that’s under the sea, electrocuting floors and a voice demanding an answer to a question or one will die. It’s not always better down where it’s wetter in Secret Six.

ss 004Positives

The few panels of Strix, Porcelain and the kitten are the highlights. The art on that kitten’s face, the expression and eyes just make you want to pick it up and play with it. Porcelain’s remarks and Strix’s blunt note were great.

ss 001


The writing was good, though it was mostly back story of Catman and scene setting.  By doing so it didn’t give the reader anyone to care about if they died.

Majority of the art was wishy washy and messy, not appealing or easy to read as a result.

ss 003

Final Thought

This was actually disappointing which is really hard to say as I am a BIG fan for Gail’s work. The back story was ok, but took up so much of the pages that when the clock ran out I didn’t care who got zapped so to speak. The only characters I had any worry for were Black Alice and Strix due to Gail’s previous works with them.

While Catman is also from the previous series, I was never a fan of that character.

The art really isn’t appealing or doing any justice to the comic. I am used to a very high bar set by Gail and the teams she works with and this one just sailed under like a child under a limbo bar set at 6’.

Hopefully this is simply because it is only issue 2. I won’t be giving up on this series just yet.




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