Review- WORLDS’ FINEST #31

by Kate Kane
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In this week’s Worlds’ Finest, the issue focuses on the true heroes of the alternate world and how they live in it. With Superman and Batman working together, the two dish out justice with their loved ones right beside them.

1Paul Levitz has given us a very family orientated feeling to this week’s issue as he joins the Bats and Kyrptonians together. They almost seems like in-laws to me as they protect the citizens together. It was nice to see both sides getting along as the story continues to be told by Lois’s internal dialogue as Red Tornado. It helps that there is a genuine heroic spirit within this worlds characters and I just love that Levitz wanted to capture that in each of them.

3Jed Dougherty art continues to be bright and powerful distinguishing bat from super in the issue. The sweeping panels of huge buildings and a giant bat plane, really make you feel like you high in the sky with these heroes. The amount of color thanks for Chris Sotomayor balances between the brightness of the outfits and the darkness of crumbling city around them. Unfortunately some of the background details do get a bit muddled into the larger panels but they still capture the action moments well.


4I just love the family bonding in this series as we get to see more of Cat and Kitten dialogue out of Catwoman and Robin. It was really sweet how they work together as a team and the little moment of Robin looking up into the sky at Supergirl just made me smile. It was a sweet link to the Power Girl and Huntress Worlds’ Finest story which really ties this arc well into the last one.


5 negAgain in this issue there is way too much text. I know the story is still being explained but the hulking wads of red text from Lois Lane are just too much to read all in one page. It made the story a little thick and hard to follow in the end. I also found the entire Supergirl section like a smack in the face with just how random the story turned. I felt it didn’t fit the flow and really just confused me at the end of it all. I’m not really into the space woman constantly showing up, yelling than disappearing, that bit is getting a little too old now.


Worlds’ Finest arc continues its flash back story as we find out the truth behind the mysterious time jump. Stay tuned to find out more about our favourite heroes pasts and if will they finally come face to face with the woman behind it all.




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