The Injustice world is now threatened, as superpowers have at in the brawl that could literally tear the world apart. Both teams now fight to survive the chaos that rains down upon them.

3Brain Buccellato smashes out another issue with both sides now in peril. I like the fact that in the end of this issue everyone does the right thing, Constantine and Dr Fate let the Flash go so he can save both sides. I really also loved the connection between Ivy and Swamp thing. As random as their appearances were, it was sweet to see them getting along and caring about the burning forest more than the people in it. It was a caring issue that showed when the battle is down to the wire, that everyone will come out for the greater good.

6Mike S Miller has blown me away with the flowing beauty in this issue. Stunning lines are just eye candy especially in the women as Miller allows fluidity to take control. Both Poison and Ivy and Batwoman steal the show along with the hinted talented touches like Dr. Fate’s reflection in his clasp really made my day.  J Nanjan has done an equality wonderful job in the bold colors as the entire super line up pops off the pages. The contrasting primary color palate takes full focus against the sinister shadows that is Batman.


4The claws continue to scratch as you can feel the tension between the characters. My god Batwoman has such a temper and finally lets the perfect Princess have it for her deadly mistake. Finally someone is not afraid of such a powerhouse and I love that she doesn’t care about what happens unless she can get her punches in. I also have to commend Miller on his amazing panelling for the issue not to mention the gorgeous moment poses from the characters. When the Flash saves everyone, the lightening that cuts the panels into sections was a stroke of genius. It gave the comic a unique visual and broke up the normal structure. I also loved the lengthened bodies from most of the females, Ivy and Batwoman in particular really felt like they were completely in movement each time they graced the pages.


2But with all the amazing art nothing is perfect. I noticed the Wonder Woman really fell a bit but I can forgive her roughness as she was being beaten to a pulp. I also found the whole mention of Ivy and Swamp Thing rather irrelevant to the entire issue which brings me to another inconsistency. I’m a huge stickler for stories connecting with each issue but one major flaw I noticed was where are Renee Montoya and Harley Quinn? Everyone else is saved but for those two? Were they simply missed or forgotten completely? Maybe we will find the answer in the next issue.


Injustice now must deal with not only superheros ripping each other apart but now the world is also about to follow. Stay tuned to see if the teams can stay alive and what will happen to those who can’t!




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