Batman and Green Lantern Get New Costumes in June!

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Batman and Green Lantern will see a costume change after the Convergence storyline!


Batman and Green Lantern have joined their fellow Justice League members Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Arrow who also will be sporting new looks this June. You can see those new costumes here and here.

Post-Convergence Batman
Post-Convergence Green Lantern

Fans who have already seen the New Batman costume are drawing comparisons to the movie Chappie. Some are also critical of the “bunny ears” and gun. Will Bruce Wayne be in the suit, or will it be someone else?



Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo both have had this to say on Twitter:

Scott Snyder @Ssnyder1835  ·  Mar 10

Greg and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s coming in June. Truly. It’s a leap, maybe a leap over sharks, but fuck it, we love it, and We think it’s a punching sharks in the face all day arc. So come punch sharks with us!

Greg Capullo @GregCapullo  ·  Mar 10       

Everything and I have done has been judged prematurely to some degree or another. Zero Year ahem. I’m used to it by now


Recently, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) stole the Power Gauntlet and left Mogo for Earth. The Power Gauntlet was a device created by the rogue Guardian Krona, it resembled a green backpack that connected to a gauntlet by way of a wire between the two. It was attached to its own Power Battery supply. The gauntlet was capable of wielding the green energy of Willpower of the Emotional Spectrum and directed it by way of the users capacity to overcome fear. This allowed it to generate energy blasts capable of destroying targets within its way. Wielders simply needed to make a verbal indication for the power of the gauntlet to be activated and were seemingly only capable of being used by those who allowed themselves to feel emotions. On Maltus, the fugitive known as Krona was charged with heresy by his brethren which led to the Manhunters being dispatched to apprehend him. After fleeing with the Power Gauntlet, he used its power to destroy his android pursuers whereupon he altered their programming which led to the tragic events known as the Massacre of Sector 666 in order to prove that his comrades had failed in their duties as Guardians of the Universe by denying themselves to feel emotions. After confiscating the Power Gauntlet following his imprisonment, the Oans were curious as to the device to which Krona responded that they had no concept of fear or will thus making it useless to them.

Following that time, the Gauntlet was hidden away on Oa itself where it was located in the underground stronghold which contained The Foundry. From the technology, the Guardians developed the Power Ring technology which, in time, would become used by the Green Lantern Corps. Krona’s Gauntlet itself remained sealed within a glass container where it was watched over by Shedd who served as a loyal servant of the green. When Oa was destroyed the Green Lantern Corps moved their base and the Power Gauntlet among other things to Mogo.


Green Lantern

Green Lantern


So, what do you think of the new costumes? You can sound off in the comments section below!

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Source: Scott Snyder Twitter, Gregg Capullo Twitter, DC Wiki

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