Review- Convergence: The Question #1

by Kate Kane
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Convergence: The Question returns to us with the continuation of Renee Montoya in her faceless role. We find out that she’s home again in her old neighborhood and with some familiar figures at her side though the story still remains a question that she must find the answer to.

11145982_855642481176276_1531912558_nPraise to the god of writing that is Greg Rucka. It’s been too along since he returned to his beloved Renee as he humbly accepted to have her back into the pages of DC. When I first heard that Rucka had returned, I think I just about screamed I was so happy. Not only is the man a genius of the written word but he’s created some of my most favored characters of all time in the DC universe, Renee Montoya and Kate Kane or better known as Batwoman. Full of his dramatic flair, Rucka gives us a heart pulling story that centers on Renee Montoya as the Question. It’s been awhile since the Pipeline story arc left our faceless hero in the dessert but now she’s back in Gotham and helping an unlikely friend who she has a sorted history with, Two-Face. I love the sneaky plug of his older works here and honestly if you haven’t read the history of these two yet finish this review then run to your nearest comic store and demand a copy.

11118883_855640394509818_1729709156_nCully Hamner has joined forces again with Rucka to continue their story of The Question and her adventure after Pipeline. His more androgynous approach of Renee gives this Question even more of an undefined look that this hero actually wants. Being faceless is never easy but makes for a great disguise. I am a fan of the new short dark hair as opposed to the light brown she had in the last story arc and Dave McCaig seems to have given her suit also a darker edge but I think Renee always looks best showing off those Latina curves in jeans and a patched up singlet. Even in a collapsing world the girl knows how to sew it back up.


11136823_855642584509599_1333285310_nOMG!!! Batwoman and the Question round two! This is what the fans have been dying, screaming, crying, whining and begging for. The original girls paired back together again! But not only is the red bat back, we see the return of Huntress as well. I’m so glad to see that these two ladies kept close to each other after everything they had gone through already and it was a wonderful surprise to see them back at their cheeky banter. I think Renee really needed a friend and I’m glad it was Huntress; they not only relate family wise but also in attitude as well. This issue was also very cleverly done for all Renee fans in mind. If you know her history as well as I do, then everything in this issue had a double meaning which works even well because the main man Two -Face himself is the theme of the issue. I just loved the throw backs to the stories I had adored before and it made me smile so much to see her return to the pages, it just wasn’t Gotham without someone questioning everything. I’m also very glad to the bio was in the back of the story, without it I would have had a ton more question for The Question but thankfully some details like her Mark of Cain where cleared up in the two page spread.


11116148_855642484509609_807234241_nAlright guys here’s some costume and appearance no no’s. First off, Renee’s eyes are blue in this issue, I know I might be obsessive but when even the pictures in the back bio have brown eyes it’s not hard to get right unless you care to explain the change. Secondly I’m watching Batwoman’s boots boys, suddenly she has bat boots? I’m very pedantic about my costumes so let’s see if they can get it right in issue two. Another small point was the story, as much as I loved every word on every page, I found that the issue was a little Two face heavy, it’s called Convergence: The Question not Convergence: Two-Face but I think because it was split into two issues that the second half of this story will pick up that story heavy front.


Convergence: The Question now faces the fight to protect Renee’s community and her world from whomever or whatever is forcing this fate upon them. Can Renee and the girls fight for freedom or risk it all on the flip of a coin?




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