Review: Convergence #0

by Joey Garces
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And so it begins. Convergence #0 begins the blockbuster event DC has been planning for quite some time now. It will reboot the New 52 which is odd to think about and the event will bring back some of our favorite heroes from the Pre-New 52 era. Every world and every universe will play a role in this event and I’m ready for what they have in store.

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Convergence #0 is the entry point to kick all this off but it’s definitely an issue that gives you more questions than answers. From what I’m gathering, the premise is that “Brainiac” has trapped New 52 Superman in this barren wasteland that houses different cities from different planets and  universes. This is issue pretty much all expository as Superman wanders aimlessly around from city to city getting monologued from different versions of Brainiac. Apparently the master “Brainiac” wants to atone for his master’s mistake (unknown for now) and pit each captured city and worlds against one another in a battle of survival.

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How important is Issue #0 for Convergence? Not too important to be honest, we get the bare essentials of the story and at the end of the issue Superman is blasted away to another world where he forgets everything he’s learned. So yeah you could read #0 just to get the full effect but I think readers would do just fine skipping over this issue and going straight for #1.


The “Who’s Who?” at the end of the issue where it shows you a summary of some of the worlds involved in Convergence is a fun addition and does it’s job to get the readers pumped to see all these characters interact with one another.

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The art of Ethan Van Sciver is awesome. He’s been a consistent force for much of his career and he does a stand up job tackling all these different renditions of Brainiac and Superman.


It’s a boring issue, we can admit it. It’s heavy on the expository and for a $5 dollar book, I felt a little let down. #0 issues aren’t known for being pertinent to the story but I was still expecting a little bit more from it.

The fact that Superman just forgets everything he’s learned at the end of the issue seems like a waste. Why go through all of this if you’re just going to undo everything a couple pages later.


Convergence is here! After the initial glee of nostalgia #0 left a lackluster taste in my mouth. It does it’s job of setting the reader up with the concept of Convergence but I’m hoping #1 does a better job of bringing the oomph that is supposed to surround this event.


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