Batman to join the New Gods?

by Jamie Robinson

justice-league-43-jpgDC’s August solicitations hint that Batman may soon be join the likes of Darkseid, Orion, and Mr. Miracle as part of the New Gods. This change could be a result from “the Darkseid War” Justice League storyline that takes place right after DC’s “Convergence” titles. According to the official Justice League solicit from DC Comics:
“‘The Darkseid War’ event rages on as Batman takes a dark journey into the depths of Godhood and unlocks the forbidden knowledge of the DC universe!”
Many fans consider the Dark Knight to be the greatest superhero, and if he becomes part of the New Gods, he could potentially become one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. The cover shows him sitting on Metron’s Moebius chair.
What do you think? What will happen if Batman becomes godlike? What implications will it have for him as well as the rest of the DC Universe? Let us know in the comments!


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