The Secret Six Return in this Sneak Peek

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics has released an official 8-page sneak peek for the all-new Secret Six issue #3, written by Gail Simone.

Solicit Synopsis:

Six outcasts (or seven, if you count the murderous puppet) are thrown together and forced to carry out deadly missions by an anonymous force that hates their guts. They’ll have to learn how to become a team pretty quickly, as survival is not guaranteed!

Read this ALL-NEW FREE 8-page preview leading into SECRET SIX #3!

Take a look at the preview below:

secret six secret six secret six SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-3-2048-554d53f1e2f7d9-80279138-228c3 SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-4-2048-554d543da66350-83294427-903f8 SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-5-2048-554d546042dcb8-23937792-8a658 SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-6-2048-554d54b04540a5-09580103-378ef SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-7-2048-554d54f0d3b157-73466083-2943d SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-8-2048-554d55846e6809-14873027-17eea SSIX-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-9-2048-554d55d1e67c27-73804667-a8f03 DCSP-SSIX-01-300-011-HD-1332x2048-5554e8795f97c1-41545350-c5e73

Secret Six returns this month and don’t miss the rest of the previews for the returning and all-new series post-Convergence:

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