DC All Access Gets the Inside Scoop on The Flash

by Julian Bartlett

The amazing Tiffany Smith from DC All Access strikes again and gives us another inside look at The Flash. Tiffany got a chance to talk to all the show favorites including Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes and all the rest. Fans got to hear about Killer Frost and time travel. Although Tiffany seemed most interested in the Iris West/Barry Allen marriage. The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, also talks about his favorite Rogue and who he would like to see join the mix.


Tiffany talked to Danielle Panabaker about her character Caitlin Snow and how her future will play out on the show.

“It’s been so fun. We always knew the secret behind Tom’s character, from the get-go, I mean he signed on to be a bad guy. It was great to see it come to fruition. You will be seeing Killer Frost very soon. It is beyond exciting. Every time I talk to the producers I’m like, ‘So guy’s, when am I gonna suit up?'”

Ms. Smith also got a chance to talk to Carlos Valdes about how it felt to die and come back.

“I actually did know ahead of time. Andrew [Kreisberg] told us like two episodes before we shot that episode that I was going to die. My first reaction was ‘Amazing, like that’s great.’ He told me don’t worry Barry is going to go back in time and change the time line and save you. Everything is gonna be fine.”

In regards to Vibe, Valdes was a little more tight-lipped. He could only say that “questions regarding the Vibe mythology will be answered.”


Lastly during Tiffany Smith and Grant Gustin’s one-on-one they discussed how Barry, and Grant, have evolved throughout The Flash’s first season.

“Barry’s grown up a lot. It’s hard to even sometimes really grasp the changes. It’s like how you change as a person throughout a year, and I feel like I also grew and changed with Barry throughout this year. I guess he was a little more happy-go-lucky at the beginning and I think we will get back to that. He’s gaining confidence as he’s moving forward. Right now, in the finale, he’s pretty run down.”

When asked about his thoughts on The Rogues, the Scarlett Speedster had this to say.

“I think Wentworth as Captain Cold is just, he’s so good. I just love what he brings to the show and he’s just a really special actor. I think what he does is really cool. I think incorporating Mirror Master would be really fun because it would be a whole new world that we could bring into the show.”

Check out Tiffany’s full interview with each cast member right here.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWPM036749s]

We’ll see what Tiffany Smith has to say next week but in the mean time check out DCAllAccess to get all the latest inside looks at your favorite DC movies and TV shows.

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