DC Celebrates Pride Month

by Brandon Richardson
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With DC Comics newest comic series Midnighter #1, written by Steve Orlando, out on comic book shelves and stands DC has taken a moment to take some pride in LGBT Month and show how far we have come in comics to be able to go from anti to inclusive and why it is so important that comics remain supportive and inclusive in everyone’s way of life. And with it being June, LGBT Pride Month, it is great to see the diversity and acceptance shown that is not just DC, but Marvel and Image comics as well.


Steve Orlando has related in an interview with Edge Media Network by saying,

It’s reflective in our comics–it’s a reflection of the readership.

Here is DC Entertainment Editor, The Advocate Jason Peeples has a video that helps highlight the change and turning points in comics when comics became more accepting.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUP_9BB6zWo&w=640&h=390]



Source: Edge Media Network

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