Waging Darkseid War in Justice League #41

by Brandon Richardson
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So much to this comic, not enough time to cover every aspect of what is going on. This comic takes DC’s normal route and runs through off with it making it even more complex by adding in new characters that help add to the Darkseid War story. There are no tie-ins of any kind. Okay, none that DC has said thus far. But it is apparent that this will affect the DC Universe and is something that will warm your blood after Convergence had left us feeling a tad bit chilled. Even though it is in the Justice League issues it could almost be a stand alone. Cause let’s face it, these issues are building up for the demise of Darkseid. This is obvious from the fact that Grail has been raised to be the weapon to destroy Darkseid. With Grail being the link between the Old Gods and the New there are bound to be some internal struggles in Grail that I can see some foreshadowing happening in the next couple issues. Since Grail has been raised by Myrina you can clearly see the darkness in this issue of enjoyment that is painted across Grail’s face. In fact she smiles probably the most or rather really enjoys herself in this issue more than anyone else. And in an interview with CBR Geoff Johns said,

I knew I wanted to bring the New Gods into this, with Darkseid and Grail and Anti-Monitor, but when I was reading them all, I said, “Which one is going to be a thorn in Darkseid’s side the most?” Originally I thought it was Orion. But actually, it’s not Orion — it’s Scott. The reason it’s Scott is because if you look at what Darkseid wants, he wants his will imposed over everything. If there’s one thing that keeps slipping through his fingers — one soul, one person that keeps escaping his grasp — he’s going to notice that, and it’s going to ultimately become an annoyance to him. And if that one thing starts to affect other things, it’s going to be a problem. So if Scott is someone who embodies free will — he’s all about escape, that’s his whole thing. He is the ultimate protagonist against the antagonist of Darkseid. “Oh, it’s not Orion at all, it’s Mister Miracle — let me get more into Mister Miracle.” As I got more into that character, I fell in love with that character.

So as this helps give us more insight into what is happening, I expect there to be some great interactions with Grail, Darkseid, Mister Miracle, and Myrian with Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. With there being so many characters with just as many backgrounds it is no surprise that this is an issue a month comic. However, this does not stop it from capturing and retaining all of the action, drama, and comedy that Jason Fabok & Geoff Johns can muster. So if you are anxiously waiting for issue #42 of Justice League it is scheduled for release on July 15th.



Source: CBR

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