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by Julian Bartlett
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Last year the residents of Hutchinson, Kansas decided to change its name for a weekend. Hutchinson officially became Smallville, Kansas and people came in from all over to see what was going to happen. The first annual Smallville Comic Con launched with a packed house full of fans, writers, vendors, cosplay enthusiasts and celebrities. My wallet started full and I ended with empty pockets and a hefty credit card bill. This year’s con promises to be up to par, if not better, than last years outing. Quite a few recognizable faces will be in attendance this time around. Also, there will be plenty of star power made up of the writers and artists who bring you the comics you love.

During last summers Smallville Comic Con I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Morris who played Martian Manhunter on Smallville. This year I’m going to have to plan my time a little more thoroughly. With so many people coming to town this year, I don’t know who to say “hello” to first. For me there are three names that stand alone at the head of the line. Lee Meriwether of Batman: The Movie will be there alongside Billy D. Williams who played Lando Calrissian in Empire Strikes Back. Williams also played Harvey Dent in Burton’s Batman. Also in attendance will be Katrina Law. Law is most recognized for her role as Nyssa Al Ghul on CW’s Arrow. After the show hopefully I can showcase three pictures with three amazing performers. One big selfie would work too.

Quite a few big-time cosplayers from across the US will be there including AZ Powergirl, Rose Ballentine, Gecco Graphics and Butthead Costumes, and many, many more. Another amazing cosplay contest is set to take place over the weekend as well. Plenty of competitive gamers will also be in luck. From MAGIC to Yu Gi Oh and Star Wars X-Wing to War Hammer, tournaments will be held to crown various masters of their games.

Last year I was in Smallville as a fan. This year I will be coming as press and fan alike. I couldn’t be more excited to get out to Smallville, Kansas this year. June 20 and June 21 will be a weekend full of fun, comics, and a general want to nerd-out. If you are in the area, or not, don’t miss the 2nd Annual Smallville Comic Con.

To check out the full schedule and line-up for Smallville Comic Con just click right here.

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