Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Mixed Reviews

by Brandon Richardson
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So for those of you who were weary of getting this game because you felt like you had played this game before, stop it! It was only a couple points away from beating Witcher 3 on Metacritic for this year for which is no easy task given what we have seen this year and at E3. Heck, there is only really one bad review that I have read and its from GameSpot saying,

 the story’s predictability, overall inconsistency, and failure to differentiate from previous games. “Arkham Knight is loaded with villains, actually, including the one that gives the game its name: Arkham Knight himself. His identity is meant to be the game’s greatest mystery, but conspicuous foreshadowing, and a reliance on age-old storytelling cliches, make every reveal as surprising as the time The Mighty Ducks won that big hockey game. There are some tense story beats and moving events, but your two primary goals–to stop Scarecrow’s evil toxin plot, and to confront and unmask the Arkham Knight–are too predictable to be compelling.” 

However, the rest of us (myself, IGN, and Polygon) and the reviews swing in the opposite direction virtually saying that it’s bigger maps and wider range of gameplay as well as dinamics in perspective complimented with the various ways to beat the ever livig snot out of Scarecrow’s goons just adds to the game. But don’t get me wrong this isn’t some Dynasty Warriors game with Batman skins, there are way more interacting people and villians to deal with and gadgets galore. Plus, one thing that really perks my Batears up is the fact that in this game you can drive the Batmobile! Finally, we can redeem ourselves from that sad PS 1 Batman game and truly drive around Gotham City.

So with everything said and done I am going to be playing the crap out of this when ever I can and if you play it in steam share some in game pictures on our Facebook page or Twitter Page. And don’t forget to add #ArkhamKnight.

Also a point of interest to all those PC gamers, for this game if you are having some troubles change your fps and that should fix any initial troubles you have. If you have it on Steam try changing it by:

steam library > steamapps > common > Batman Arkham Knight > BMGame > Config

in here, you just open up the “BmSystemSettings” and set the “maxFPS=” to whatever you want

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