Lego Dimensions with DC And Their Homage to Superman

by Brandon Richardson
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Holy portal holes Batman! Lego has added a new fun spin to their video game Lego Dimensions. With all Lego games we pretty much know what we are getting into when we see the title, however it seems that Lego has heard the proverbial outcry for a change in pace and thus have given us Lego Dimensions. However, with Lego Dimensions it expands beyond just a mass realm player. You can get to add expansion packs to it in order to add more levels to play through and of course Portal. Where you get to play as Chell! LEgo Dimensions is set to release September 27th of this year. In the trailer below you can see that DC Entertainment outlines the various Robin comics that are hitting stands this month along with Black Canary with some commentary by Annie Wu, the artist for the new take on Black Canary. Then DC Entertainment shifts back to Lego with some in-game play spoilers that will have you wanting to check out and play this new Lego Dimensions. If you just want to see the Lego game play click ahead to 3:11 in the trailer. Also, don’t hold anything for you may spill your drink.

Also for those who haven’t heard, Lego is releasing an San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Homage to Superman. It features the iconic scene from the comic Action Comics #1 and it goes for $39.95 a set. Although it is a smaller Lego set, it isn’t that surprising of a price considering that it is a SDCC exclusive and when you look at how much Lego Minecraft sets go for in stores. So here is a picture of this neat homage to Superman.












Sources: DC Entertainment: Youtube Channel

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