Review: Doctor Fate #1

by David Hestand III
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Dr Fate Int 1Doctor Fate #1 opens immediately after the free preview we got in Convergence.  Here, Khalid is there at the Helmet of Fate, turning it down, while Anubis is roaming around mumbling about his plot to rule the world.  It has been raining for about an issue and a half, so people are starting to notice the flooding, which is Anubis’s doing.  Khalid is attempting to avoid the helmet, but an act of heroism in the sewer sees him headed back to accept his Fate.  We are left wondering at the end when Khalid’s father’s cab is hit by a tree controlled by Anubis who his passenger seems to be in cahoots with.

Doctor Fate #1 is an introduction through and through.  We quickly see Khalid’s supporting cast and get to know them a bit more, though you get good time with them in the sneak peek as well.  We spend some time on the coming conflict, which is straight up divine in nature.  Hopefully the story starts heating up nicely.  It was great to see Khalid starting to go Doctor Fate there at the end, and hopefully the hoodie gets replaced with something soon.


Dr Fate Interior 3The art in Doctor Fate has a nice kind of youthful energy to it.  It all really pops in the flood scenes as the Anubis dog is wandering the streets enjoying the destruction.  Khalid being almost forced into the role of Doctor Fate is another nice touch as it fits right in with the character’s name.  Every step of the way he’s questioning the insanity going on around him, with the walk through the wall being a cool blending of the writing and the art.

There are great touches throughout here that really up the incentive to stick with it.  We get a bit of a glimpse into the life of this immigrant family, which makes for a nice change from most other DC heroes.  I’m definitely hoping that the father stays a part of the main cast.  In addition, his Egyptian heritage is brought up tying him straight to the conflict of the gods at hand.  Ancient Egyptian mythology being brought in right out the gate is a very nice touch and will greatly help build up our new Doctor Fate.  Hopefully this is able to capture some of the epic feel of Wonder Woman, though maybe in a few less issues for one story arc.


Most of the family interaction here feels a bit stereotypical.  Hopefully the immigrant family in America thing develops more over time.  Right now it doesn’t feel like a lot more than an overprotective mother and an educated father forced into a terrible job.  Not as much depth as one would hope for, though it is just the first issue.

The art, while it has this youthful energy, is not for everyone.  The fairly cartoony style will turn some people off.  It is very different from most all of DC’s current offerings.

The Verdict

Doctor Fate begins with a war of Egyptian gods brewing.  Things are already shaping up nicely for our new Lord of Order.



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