Batgirl 2011 Issue #41 & New Batarmor

by Brandon Richardson
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Has DC gone mad?! Who is this new Batman that has just entered into the scene? Its bad enough Barbra Gordan has to deal with her room-mate in on her little secret of being Batgirl, but now this.  In this issue it ties into the Batman issue 41 as well. Making this an easy transition between the two superheroes. The story for Batgirl is done by Cameron Stewart with artwork done by Babs Tarr. I am already curious to see who and where this new Batman and Batsuit leads up to in the Batgirl comic. Wouldn’t it be crazy if this new Batman was Commissioner Gordan! I would lose my mind.

So as an extra bonus I have found the specs for the new Batsuit or rather Batarmor.


Sources: Batgirl


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