Introducing Gotham’s Tigress

by Jeff Mongold
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Introducing Gotham’s Tigress

jessica lucas Tigress

Jessica Lucas

Gotham season 2 casts Jessica Lucas (Gracepoint) as new villain Tigress. TVLine reports that Lucas will play Tabitha Galavan, a.k.a. Tigress, a violent but attractive criminal that wields a whip Michelle Pfeiffer style. Tabitha will be the lead enforcer for her Billionaire brother Theo, who aspires to takeover Gotham City. Earlier today, Lucas tweets:

The Tigress persona has deep roots in DC Comics history, going back to the Golden Age of comics. According to the DC Comics Tigress Wikipedia page, the character first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938. Three different villains have used the Tigress moniker. Gotham’s Tabitha Galavan will be the forth, giving Gotham writers a great deal of artistic freedom with backstory and characterization.

Gotham has been slowly building precedents of both vigilantes and villains that serve as examples and role models for the young characters, making their transformations into destined future selves not only understandable, but almost inevitable. For young Bruce Wayne we saw this in the episodes “The Spirit of the Goat” and “The Balloonman.” Could the Tigress be the archetype to which young Selena Kyle aspires?

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