Get Excited for the New “Green” Arrow

by Julian Bartlett
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After watching Stephen Amell come out at the SDCC panel in full costume was, in a word, astounding. They are finally bringing Ollie’s suit back a little closer to the comics. The new costume even feels lighter. It is a nice change of pace from the brooding version of Arrow. As big of a fan of the show as I am, I can’t be the only one waiting patiently for the fun, quippy Ollie we all love. Stephen Amell is also showing that he is ready for Oliver Queen to reach the next level.

“I’m excited that there are wrinkles and elements to the character this year that really fall a lot closer to my personality. It’s funny, when I would meet people during Season 1 and Season 2 and I’d crack a joke, and they’d be like ‘oh, you’re not like that guy!’ I’m not like that guy at all. There were a lot of things about that guy that I didn’t like. So, I’m really hoping that these new elements really breathe some fresh air to the show.”

Before we discuss the next chapter let’s talk new suit. Already the new outfit is receiving mixed reactions. I’m personally a fan. It reminds me of a mash-up of a few different Green Arrow incarnations. A little bit of Smallville, a little Justice League animated, and a bit of the New 52 look. A few people have been having a problem with the exposed arm. Green Arrow is an archer. I assume that with the added flexibility comes better accuracy and shot power. The hood looks great. Accept the hood everybody. The “Robin Hood” hat is never going to be atop Stephen Amell’s head. Lastly, I doubt that it’s ever going to happen, but I would like to see the classic Oliver Queen goatee. Amell had his own thought’s on the pointy goatee that has graced Ollie’s face for years.

“I can’t grow a pointy goatee. All that happens is more of this,” he said, pointing to his current state of facial hair.

After driving into the sunset with Felicity, what is next for Ollie in this upcoming season? Amell has said it is not only the end of a chapter for Oliver, but for all of his friends as well.

“We’re 69 episodes into the show, and I do really feel like the first chapter of the show has come to a close,” he told a table full of reporters at this year’s Comic-Con. “Literally — we drove off into the sunset. We’ve taken Oliver through his first chapter; meanwhile, we’ve taken all of our other crew members – they are getting a new chapter as well. They have graduated to where we found Oliver at the beginning of the series, minus the suicidal tendencies, probably.”

It sounds like a lot of new and exciting things will be happening in Starling this season. A new baddie by the name of Damien Dahrk will be introduced and expect to see Thea finally become Speedy. For the full scoop on next season check out Stephen Amell during his SDCC panel.


Arrow returns to the CW on Oct. 7th

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